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Zoloft Lawsuit Assistance for Serious Side Effects

Zoloft LawsuitA drug which brings harm to an unborn child, let alone the matter, ought to be condemned with the strongest of words and actions don’t you agree? Zoloft perfectly fits such an unwarranted description; an affected person especially would understand when such a drug is referred to with harsh terms and descriptions. Let’s face it, even those individuals not directly affected by the predicaments brought about by Zoloft to some considerable degree writhe in disgust at the sight of an affected child.

The most bewildering fact about this dysfunctional drug is that it mainly affects unborn children; they are brought into this world bearing serious conditions that they had no undertaking in. Pfizer Inc. (the manufacturer of Zoloft) is on record vigorously advertising the consumption of drug without a mention of how negatively it affects unborn children and their mothers as well. Who gave them the mandate to weigh-balance human lives? The manufacture of dysfunctional drugs is a regrettable trait that is slowly eating away at our moral fiber.

How to begin a Zoloft Lawsuit

Acting either out of spite or in pursuit of legal justice, an individual who so chooses to file a Zoloft lawsuit would be perfectly acting within his or her rights. A Zoloft lawsuit is obviously the best way to get back at this infamous manufacturer for failure to create adequate awareness as regards the side effects posed by their product. By embarking on the process to file a Zoloft lawsuit, one gets a chance at bagging a substantial compensation from Pfizer Inc. Money is not necessarily the solution Zoloft conditions but it sure aids in the rectification of side effects resulting from the consumption of Zoloft in a huge way.

The unprecedented move by Pfizer Inc. to try and hold onto their blood-money only agitates the already sore situation; the fight for justice will however never be undermined in the somber society we live in, someone should relay that strong vindication to Pfizer Inc. File your Zoloft lawsuit today and watch the giant tumble at your very feet.

The filing of a Zoloft lawsuit demands a considerable amount of know-how all the same. Intuitively discussed below are the various aspects of Zoloft one ought acquaint themselves with in order sail through the Zoloft lawsuit easily;

The serious Zoloft side effects in a Zoloft lawsuit

Zoloft Lawsuit ScalesAs is expected with any drug, Zoloft has its share of side effects; their seriousness however is worrying to say the least.

The mild Zoloft side effects don’t raise alarm per say but are worth mentioning all the same. The noted presence of these side effects should be treated with seriousness; they later lead to the occurrence of serious Zoloft side effects. The victim feels deprived off energy and normally drowses, in other scenarios the victim may succumb to insomnia (total lack of sleep). Besides the victim’s mouth being dry, the appetite and weight constantly vary; this is especially harmful to expectant mothers and their unborn children. There is a mild but persistent nausea and stomach pains, if not checked these conditions normally result into vomiting and disturbing stomach upsets. Impotence in males, decreased sex drive as well as difficulty in attaining organisms has also been linked to the consumption of Zoloft.


For easy comprehension, I would like to categorize the serious Zoloft conditions into serious Zoloft side effects and Zoloft birth defects. In the filing of a Zoloft lawsuit, the presentment of these side effects forms a strong case which more often than not results in the claimant(s) getting their due settlement(s) from Pfizer Inc.

The serious Zoloft side effects

Zoloft was initially meant to help manage depression and social anxiety but as the consumers would bitterly realize later, this drug does a pretty good job at elevating this very conditions. After a period of using Zoloft, a good number of individuals reported on experiencing worrying tremors and heightened reflexes. This immediately disrupted their peace of mind and resulted in depressions.

Victims are also easily agitated and experience a terrible fever. Probably the worst of Zoloft side effects is the experience of hallucinations; individuals in such a state are at the risk of losing their minds if not promptly attended to. The bodily muscles stiffen up and this limits coordination. Besides having memory lapses, individuals experience seizures and have difficulties in breathing (this is not to be confused with asthma).

These and other related Zoloft side effects serve their purpose in the filing of a Zoloft lawsuit; just ensure that your doctor has clearly detailed them in your medical report and present the document to the Zoloft attorney in charge of your case.

Zoloft birth defects

Zoloft Birth Defects

This is the greatest undoing of Zoloft as I earlier pointed out. A parent to a child who has experienced any of the below outlined Zoloft birth defects would be wise to include them in their Zoloft lawsuit; though some are clearly visible, backing such claims with an authenticated medical report adds the much needed weight in the lawsuit. These defects are;

The septal defect – A hole in a child’s heart result in a disrupted flow of blood throughout the body. Funds acquired through a Zoloft lawsuit would go a long way in rectifying this condition.

The Spina Bifida – The absence of a spine in a fetus is a worrying development. Though rare, such a condition presents extreme difficulties in a newborn; the pain associated with it is as evident as the light of day.

The Cleft Lip – This affects the speech making ability of the child. If allowed to persist, it has been known to cause serious self esteem issues.

Pulmonary stenosis – The child’s pulmonary valve gets constricted, minimizing blood flow to the lungs. This is potentially dangerous due to the incapacitation of blood to supply the growing body cells with oxygen. They either experience slow death or stunted growth.

Cleft Palate – When the various parts of the skull forming the roof of the mouth fail to enjoin, the child develops problems with their speech and are also exposed to ear infections (the infections may eventuate in deafness)

Club Foot in infants – The underdevelopment muscles, joints and bones in an infant’s feet may render them immobile.

Craniosynostosis – Bones forming the skull may fuse prematurely and permanently, resulting in irregular head shapes. When this happens, it becomes increasingly difficult to rectify such a condition.

Having learned a great deal to do with the negativism of using Zoloft, I would highly implore you to file your Zoloft lawsuit with immediate effect. Let us be your trusted legal companion; kindly fill out our form and commence to have your case reviewed for free. It’s about time Pfizer Inc. paid for the harm and pain they have inflicted on you.

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